Photo restoration services are offered to meet a demand for restoring the original beauty of an aged photograph. Many old photographs are stored in shoe boxes, stapled to walls, carlessly framed without matts against glass, or countless other causes to the typical damange associated with old photographs. We tediously repair yellowing, pin holes, staple holes, tears, spots, creases and other aged related damange, and do our best to bring the original contrast, dynamics, and color or tone back to the photograph.

Your original photograph is not touched or manipulated in any way, other than making a high quality, high resolution scan, which becomes a series of digital files we use to perform the restorations. Your original photograph will be returned to you along with the restored version, both in print and on disc. If you're uncomfortable sending your original photograph through the mail, we can accept a high quality file via disc, or you can simply email the largest file your email program will allow to:
jh at (with no spaces).

Restorations usually run $30 per image, depending on the severity of damage. If the price will run over, we'll contact you before any work is started. Be aware that severly damaged or blurry photographs likely cannot be restored. Please contact us if you want our mailing address or have any questions, and feel free to browse the before and after examples we've done below,
clickable for larger versions.

Thank you!